New collection Half Ring

New collection Half Ring

Jewelry with a circle motive

Circle is a geometric figure, which is, inter alia, a symbol of wholeness, unity, completeness, cyclicality and constancy, and even eternity.

For us, it is primarily an ideal form on the basis of which you can build and create jewelry.

The Half Ring collection is a continuation of the game with the „circle” that I started in 2016 when designing the Ring collection.

I believe that fashion doesn't have to be seasonal and transitory.  I believe that, above all, it should be qualitative and timeless.

For these reasons, I pay great attention to the detail and quality of Saffa jewelry.

All patterns in the Half Ring collection, which are created in our Katowice studio, were made of sterling silver.

We offer a choice of silver or gilded silver, always made and finished to serve you for years.


The finish matters

Simple, specific in their expression, minimalist and thus timeless rings will emphasize any style.

Their surfaces have a strong brushed matte surface, the edges and sides have been polished for contrast.



Half Ring Necklaces

We have four lengths of necklaces for you, from size XS tightly surrounding the neck to a spectacular, long necklace in size L, which will be beautifully presented both on the neck and on the back or hung under the arm.

All connecting links have been soldered to be the strongest.  The flat surfaces have a satin finish and the edges are glossy polished.  This contrast makes the minimalist form of the necklace strong in expression and delights with attention to the smallest details. 



Love for brooches

A medal brooch is a perfect gift, for example for an aromatic coffee in the morning or for being simply an extraordinary person.

Brooches with two independent fasteners are an original piece of clothing that can be used to combine, for example, a shirt collar with a jacket lapel.  You have a lot of possibilities, and you can see them here.

Saffa is a woman, that's why women are close to her.

I would like to emphasize it and that is why this collection includes a necklace ***********

It is my demonstration against restricting the right of women to decide on matters that are important to them.

PLN 200 from the sale of each necklace goes to the  Kosmos foundation.

I invite you to view photos of jewelry online and to visit the Katowice studio to see the jewelry up close, try it on and choose something for yourself or the person you want to give.

I would like to thank Marta Chrobak for the photos.

model: Ola Binko

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