New collection Ribbon

New collection Ribbon

kolekcja Ribbon 1

I wanted to design a collection that is economical, minimalist and geometric, which will be very characteristic and expressive at the same time.

This desire resulted in gold jewelry collection, which surprises with its form and really good quality. Simple  and geometric form requires extraordinary precision from the goldsmith, nothing gets overlooked.

 kolekcja Ribbon 2

Earrings and pads from the Ribbon collection offer several wearing options. You can dress them in any way that you gonna enjoy, surprising and impressive every time you wear.

kolekcja Ribbon pierścionek

Ring resembling a small, delicate ribbon around your finger, the ring is available in a version with pearl, or in simpler version made only of gold. 

ribbon kolekcja 04

All collection are made of 14k gold. We can also make it from white gold.

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