Wedding inspirations

Wedding inspirations
 Have you ever heard of a humanist wedding, a modern and individualized way of a ceremony?

This is one of the ways to get married.  As the name suggests (from the word "human"), the ceremony focuses primarily on lovers, their passions, characters and, above all, feelings.  It allows you to create this special day in your own individual way and gives you the opportunity to create your own wedding traditions.

For me, it sounds like every wedding should look like :) 


• Who performs the wedding?

The master of ceremonies known as the "celebrant".  he creates a personalized scenario based on the needs, characters and habits of the couple.  He gives advice, helps to write marriage vows, an introduction in which they can present stories of their love, engages guests in a speech. Interestingly, this role can be taken by any person, your brother, friend, parent - you only need to register with the Humanist Society in advance.


• Is such a wedding valid?

Like a church wedding without a concordat, it has no legal status, so if you want to be reflected in the law, go to the registry office.  If the clerk agrees, she can attend the ceremony and formalize it. However, it is not necessary, here the decision of course belongs to the bride and groom.


Humanistic wedding ceremony is distinguished by everything and nothing!

 A wedding can be organized in the forest, on the beach, in a small country house, whether the decorations are floral or maybe on the theme of your favorite movie.  The couple themselves decide what music will be played, what dishes will be served, dresscode for the guests and outfits for themselves.  There is complete freedom and freedom here.  Ask yourself the question whether this is how a church or civil wedding can look like.

Do as your heart (and some common sense;) tell you. 


Let the siesta realized by the ONNA wedding dresses brand be an inspiration for you. It is a brand of modern, minimalist wedding dresses. It is made up of Gośka and Anka, who were connected not only by friendship, but also a passion for minimalism. "The collection reflects our tastes, beliefs and approach to life. ONNA is a brave, modern, independent woman who values quality, design and comfort. " It is also very close to Saffa’s way of thinking.

Do you think that these stylizations for the bride will be suitable for both a humanist and a church wedding? How do you remember or plan your wedding and your clothes?  What would you change over time?








Joanna Pietras@joannapietras_ 

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