pearl earrings Adriana Secret
pearl earrings Adriana Secret


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 necklace Heart Line 3 serca
necklace Heart Line 3 serca


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Lowest price: €64.43
Adriana True necklace long
Adriana True necklace long


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necklace Adriana True
necklace Adriana True


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brooch Adriana True with stone
brooch Adriana True with stone


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The Saffa studio is located in the center of Katowice. The designer, Marta Szafraniec lives in Katowice. It became obvious that the studio should include items referring to the culture and history of Silesia.
The Katowice collection includes, among others. rings with the characteristic blocks of Katowice: "Kukurydze" and "Stars", there is a Monument to the Silesian Insurgents, KTW, Spodek, a building from the Silesian Museum complex and the Warsaw Shaft.
This collection also includes a set of jewelry "Spodek", which refers to the iconic object in Katowice. The visionary architectural design of Spodek stands out to this day.
There is also a porcelain FINGER for making holes in Silesian dumplings. This, in turn, is jewelry that is a great excuse to talk about Silesia and Silesian cuisine.




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