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Earrings Ring 12

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Ring 12 earrings are asymmetrical, complementary earrings. Both the larger element, which we call "banana", and the smaller one, in the shape of a crescent, lie flat against the earlobe.
You can buy them in silver, oxidized silver or gilded silver.

We also have a version with one earring upright here. The larger element lies flat against the earlobe, the smaller one almost disappears into a line by placing it perpendicular to the earlobe. NOTE: This variant is available while stocks last.

Larger earring - 36mm high,
smaller earring - 23mm

We recommend adding washers to one or two earrings.

We like asymmetry, do you ?!
However, if you prefer symmetrical solutions, take a look here. You can find earrings in half or ax earrings. Symmetrical. Two of the same;).

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