earrings heart
earrings heart


Regular price: €28.06

Lowest price: €20.58
ring  Adriana True with stone
ring Adriana True with stone


Regular price: €95.60

Lowest price: €76.48
earrings Long-heart
earrings Long-heart


Regular price: €54.04

Lowest price: €43.23
brooch Adriana True with stone
brooch Adriana True with stone


Regular price: €95.60

Lowest price: €81.26
necklace długi Heart line
necklace długi Heart line


Regular price: €40.53

Lowest price: €32.42

About the designer

marta szafraniec projektantka artystka właścicielka marki saffa

Marta Szafraniec is the originator and the heart of the Saffa jewelry design studio in Katowice.

It all started with the design of a machine for the production of elements for creating jewelry, carried out as part of a bachelor's degree at the department of industrial design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

The next projects related to jewelry are the design of wedding rings as part of the master's degree, post-competition internship and work in Berlin as a jewelry designer, workshops and many other design experiences, which resulted in the creation of the Saffa studio in 2012 and the first two jewelry collections (with feathers and silk scraps). Initially, it was a sole proprietorship without the support of the current women's team.

Since then, we are separated by more than 20 collections created under the Saffa brand and no less number of jewelry projects implemented for festivals, cultural institutions and various companies as well as jewelry brands.

We invite you to the saffa blog, where you can virtually make yourself at home in the saffa world of the Katowice studio.We invite you to follow the studio on instagram, facebook and on the YouTube channel.

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